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St Catherine's Church
Pepys Road

London      SE14 5SG

Tel: 020 7639 1050

This Sunday 15th May is Pentecost Sunday - the day when we celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

It's a day of fire (tongues of flame appeared over the disciples' heads), a day of power (visions, prophecies, courageous preaching), a day of conversion (hundreds became Christians that day), a day of diversity and universality (everyone praised God in their own language!) and a day when we ask God to kindle in us the fire of his love. What a celebration!

The service will have a tone of renewal & celebration, so please: wear red (the liturgical colour for Pentecost) or your national dress to show that the Spirit came on all nations.

If you speak a language other than English, please bring the words "Come Holy Spirit" written clearly (and decorated if you like!) on a card.

There will be special activities for children in the Narthex & the Youth Church will take part in the service.

Come Holy Spirit!

A Word Of Welcome

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Come Holy Spirit! Pentecost Sunday - 15th May

Welcome to our church

We are a warm and friendly church with a really diverse congregation in every way imaginable.

We are very local – linked with a myriad of things in this community. But also very global – we represent at least ten different countries and dozens of languages.   

Our worship is traditional with a small ‘t’ but with an informal feel. There’s reverence, thoughtfulness and laughter in near about equal measure.

There's a place for everyone at St. Catherine's, whether you are a committed Christian or right on the edges of faith. St Catherine’s is your local Anglican church whether you have just moved into the neighbourhood or have lived here for years.  

St Catherine’s strives to be welcoming, inclusive and faithful. We hope you feel at home. 

Our regular services at the church are:

Look back with pride …

It’s been an incredible Telegraph Hill Festival 2016. Telegraph Hill Festival happens because of the passion, hard work, love and positive vibes everyone involved puts into it.

By investing time in building relationships across the community, starting from the end of last year’s Festival, the Festival opens participation to more people living locally than even before. St Catherine’s church is a part of that.

Take some time to look at some of the highlights of this year’s festival and if you think you might be able to help in 2017, then do get in touch with the Festival Committee. Work for next year starts early!

Christian Basics
A four week course

The Christian faith is a journey of discovery, learning and growth. This course is all about helping you do that.

It is designed for anyone over 16 who would like to

More details of the course are here.

For those who wish to take the course to confirmation, then this year's Deanery Confirmation Service is on June 26th at 6pm at St Catherine's. If you're interested, speak to Sheridan today or email her at